Sunday, March 3, 2013

Franco's - CJ's Special Steak Dinner

Saturday, Ma\ch 2, 2013

CJ hosted dinner tonight at Franco's in Cypress. One of our favorite Italian restaurants. The menu was prearranged and the wine criteria was "Wines older than 5 years, No Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc or Chardonnay. Blends could not have more that 60% of the varietal." Champagnes & bubblies did not have to follow this criteria.

Interesting collection of wines showed up. Aside from the muscat and the bubblies all the wines were red. Since wines had to be 5 years or older my thought was 2007 and back. The 2012 vintage is in barrels and has not been bottled yet. But that is my own take on it.

NV Quady Electra Orange Muscat
NV Veuve Cliquot Champagne
2009 Clos Pepe Sparkling Rose of Pinot Noir

2000 Notarpanaro (Italian red blend)
2001 Reserve Brunello di Montalcino Il Poggione
2001 Cavallotto Reserve Bricco Bochis Barolo
2003 Battaglini Twin Pines Vineyard, Zinfandel
2004 Martin Weyrich "Il Vecchio" Nebbiolo
2004 Brunello di Montalcino Il Poggione
2005 Coro / Mendocino - Parducci red blend
2005 Chateauneuf du Pape , Pierres Dories
2006 Chrstopher Creek Russian River, 50% Zinfandel 50% Petite Syrah
2006 Meeker, Fossil, Sonoma County, 50% Cab, 25% Merlot, 25% Syrah
2007 Terrbianco - Campaccio - Tuscan
2008 Pine Ridge, Napa, Onyx
One person came in quite late and the name of the wine did not get onto the list

CJ had the menu prearranged and the only choice we had was how our steak was to be cooked, I had mine just this side of dead and Greg sitting next to me had his well done. Everyone else was in the middle.

Baskets of bread were set out. They have the best focaccia bread. I helped myself to two pieces and my the end of the meal I knew I should not have done that, very filling.

We started out with a Creamy Zucchini soup - this was really good. Next we had a risotto with spinach, Italian sausage and parmesan cheese. - also a good dish with a lot of flavor. On the plate  of risotto were Franco's Alioli garlic shrimp. Made for us special tonight. They used to be on the regular menu but were taken off some time back. I must have gotten a shrimp with a whole clove of garlic on it. My first bite was pure garlic. No Draucla for me tonight. My other three shrimp were much more subdued.

The Filet Mignon  steaks were then presented. Mine was cooked perfectly. Served with a sherry wine sauce, mushrooms, green beans provence, Italian style mashed potatoes, herb crusted goat cheese and sauteed mushrooms. Ate a few bites and the rest will be dinner for me tomorrow.

Dessert was cookies drizzled with chocolate. Very tasty.
For a dinner that started at 5:00 this went on until after 9;00 . A great time was had by everyone. When I left there still were at least 6 people at the table. For some reason this seemed to be a really relaxed and fun time. Wish all the dinners were at this level. I have been to some where you are straining to make conversation.

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