Saturday, March 2, 2013

Amore Vino & The Depot

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Tonight was another of Margie's "Fun Wine Activity" outings. We met at Amore Vino, a small wine bar in old town Torrance. I cannot find my list of wines we tasted. Six , I think with a nice plate of sliced cheeses, apples and dates. None of the wines were memorable and none I would be interested in buying. The wine bar obviously is set up for the "younger, hip" crowd.

Afterwards we drove a few blocks, actually Bill & Carolyn walked since their condo is across the street from the restaurant  The Depot. It is housed in an old train depot and the tracks are still there. Bill said a train comes by about once a week, Probably to keep the right away. I heard about the Depot but never eaten there. I definitely will go back.

We were seated in a back room that was relatively quiet. Which is good because we can get noisy. We all ordered off the menu. No family style dining tonight. I had the New York steak with a fig & Gorgonzola sauce. Excellent. Cooked perfectly. Several other steaks were ordered, 3 people had the "killer" meatloaf which they said was excellent. A couple of fish and chicken dishes. Everyone said they would come back, their food was good and we were all happy. Not the most expensive place nor inexpensive. My steak which came with spinach and sweet potato & zucchini french fries was $32. Considering the price of beef now it was reasonable to me. There was a very large basket of breads, rolls & biscuits on the table. All "homemade". All their sausages are "homemade".

The owner Michael Schaeffer cut Margie a deal. No corkage which is great for us. He came by  a few times to check on us. Service was good.

I took a 2001 Stolpman Angeli which is at its prime right now. Drinking beautifully. Everyone must have liked it as it was the first bottle emptied. Other wines were NV Domaine J Laurent Brut sparkling, 2007 Hanna Merlot, 2008 McKeon Phillips Leonardo ( excellent) , 2010 Domaine Faileley Clos Des Myglands Prmier Cru Burgundy (excellent), 2011 Dolia Vermentino, 2011 Longoria Albarino, 2008 Dusky Goose Dundee Hills Pinot Noir (also excellent) and a 2009 Stephen  ?? (can't read my own hand writing) Chardonnay.

A good evening. The restaurant was excellent and definitely worth going back to.

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