Monday, September 1, 2008

Diabetes Fundraiser

Sunday, August 24, 2008

This is probably the 5th of 6th fundraiser that I have attended for the ":Cure For Diabetes". This year it was held at "The Center" in Costa Mesa. The Lamborgini's and Ferrari's were in abundance again, along with the "beautiful" people. Silicon, botox and all.

It seemed like a smaller crowd this year and also the number of wine vendors seemed to be smaller. Maybe its the economy or the fact that everyone is having a "Food & Wine" fundraiser and expects all the wineries and restaurants to donate. There is only so much to go around and when these vendors are squeezed to much something does give.

I did pick up 2 more wine openers for my collection and 3 additional wine varietals to add to my list which is now at 176 varietals tasted.

The auction is always a good time at this event. With what the "Sea Smoke " pinot wines went for I have now decided I have a small fortune in my collection.

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nick p. said...

I just wanted to invite you to our diabetes fundraiser in Seattle, WA. It features the best of Washington Wines - Dunham Cellars, Boudreaux Cellars, DeLille Cellars, Matthews Estate, Reininger Winery, Va Piano Vineyards. If you find yourself in Seattle, WA on Sept 25, you should come. You can come for the event then go on Wine Tours in Eastern Washington. The info is not on our website yet, but when it is, you can find out at

Nick Peyton