Saturday, May 22, 2010

New Chinese Restaurant

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Alas, our favorite Chinese restaurant , Duong Son, has closed. Very suddenly.

We tried a new place tonight called "Capital Seafood" in Garden Grove. They also have places in Rowland Heights, Monterey Park and Las Vegas.

We were used to getting top notch treatment at Doung Son and now we are the "common folk". Some of the dishes we ordered were good and I would go back again. My biggest problem was they brought almost all the food out at once. We are used to having one dish presented and when we finished have another one appear. Tonight some of the dishes got cold before I got to them. They also did not offer to exchange the plates after a few courses and the small plates started to get messy. The paper napkins were cheaper quality. The atmosphere is better and the restaurant is larger. But then they are busier. So busy that they whisked away my plate without asking first if I was finished, I do not think they are used to a group of 8 people that had 9 bottles of wine on the table. We enjoy dining and having good wine and take several hours to finish a meal. This establishment is about "being fast". Get them "common folk" in and out.

Tonight we had Peking Duck which was good.

Ribs Peking, too bony and not enough meat.

Cashew Chicken - good flavor but you had to look twice for the cashews.

Pea sprouts, small , good flavor but not Doung Son's

Tofu with a sauce. A guess it was good. Other people at the table said so. But it was not like what I am used to getting.

Sauteed Shrimp with vegetables. This dish was good, The shrimp were cooked perfectly along with the vegetables.

Sauteed green beans with garlic. Beans were overcooked.

Beef Chau Fun - beef with wide noodles.This dish was good. Meat was tender and the taste was very good.

The wines that we had tonight were a wide mix.

2004 Loring Close Pepe Pinot Noir
2008 Sherwood, Pinot Noir
2008 Clos Pepe Rose of Pinot Noir
NV Riesling ( I could not read my writing to decipher the label)
2005 Bridlewood Winners Circle Syrah
2009 Walter Hansel Russian River Sauvignon Blanc
2004 Victor Hugo Petite Syrah
NV Wegeler Sparkling Riesling
2006 Byron Brut Chardonnay

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