Sunday, June 20, 2010

June's Wine & Dine

Saturday, June 19, 2010

This months Wine & Dine group met at Ante's Restaurant in San Pedro. This a Croatian restaurant that we have been to many times. It was a smaller group than in the past as some people last year had issues with the food. Whatever the problem was before there was no issues with food tonight.

We started off with Sauteed Shrimp with garlic and butter. This is always a good dish. I use the rolls to mop up the sauce.

Sauteed calamari came next. This is calamari steak in strips. Very tender and the same garlic butter sauce as the shrimp.

By now I am starting to get full. But here comes the Cevapcici Sausage. The same kind I had Thursday night at Michaels but much better. They made two batches, one that was cooked well and one that was medium which I enjoyed because it wasn't dry,. Served with chopped red onions and sauteed red onions.

A chicken and veal "Risotto" was set at the table. To me this was a rice dish not risotto. Flavor was good but it was plain old white rice.

Sauerkraut, Croatian style with pork and vegetables. I do like this dish and they cook the kraut dry.

Next was a croatian sausage, similar to a polish style sausage. Then Mostaccioli with bay shrimp, garlic, olive oil and cheese. Nothing great but food was OK.

Fillet of Sole was next, grilled Salvic style with garlic and olive oil. This was very good.

We had strudel with ice cream for dessert. The wines were abundant and as usual I do not keep track of the wines at these events because CJ does. I brought a 2005 Rusack Anacapa and again this was one of the first wines to bite the dust. Its a Bordeaux blend and was showing very well. We had bubblies to begin with and a very nice French Chablis along with some other good wines. CJ opened at 2005 Clos Pepe Pinot so it was nice to see how my 2005's are tasting without opening them.

Another wine dinner down and many more to go.