Sunday, December 28, 2008

Vacation Time

I left on Friday, December 9, 2008 for Avila Beach which is close to Pismo Beach and 20 minutes from the Paso Robles wine country. The weather report didn't look great for this week but that's what happens sometimes. It turned out to be rainy, windy, hailed, and cold. I did not accomplish as much as I wanted to but I did get a lot of rest.

I had decided to try and visit some of the new wineries that have popped up in the last 2 years.

Saturday the 13th I hit 7 wineries. All new except Denner. Donati, Booker, Caliza, Brian Benson, Jada and Jack Creek. I found that most of them were priced from $5 to $7 to high for what they were. I did buy a bottle at Donati, an orphans blend which I did like and the price was right. Booker was very good as was Jada but both were priced too high. All the wineries poured good wines. There wasn't a bad one in the bunch.

Sunday the 14th I hit 7 wineries also. Turley was one I visit every time I am in the area. I was picking up a case of wine for friends and naturally I had to taste. Along with their normal "vineyards" they pour at the tasting room they were pouring the "Ubberoth" that day also. Very fine wine but too much money. I always buy the Juvenile and Old Vines. The two least expensive wines and I hold them for a couple of years before opening.

I also visited Venteaux, Rotta, Terry Hoague, Ecluse, Fratelli Peralta and August Ridge. I was on my way out to Chateau Margene when I spotted the sign for August Ridge. Since it was new I turned into the property. Never made it to my original destination as it was starting to get dark and starting to rain. I did have 2 days without rain. I bought a few of bottles at Rotta. Their
Guibinni" Zinfandel which I really liked and a dessert wine made from the Black Monukka table grape. They crush and cold soak the grapes for a few days and then put the barrel out the direct sun to "sun-bake" for 2 years. A very good non-sweet dessert wine with a caramel taste to it.

Monday the 15th I headed over to Edna Valley. I only did 5 wineries that day as the weather wasn't great. Kynsi, Domaine Alfred, Wolf, Saucelito Canyon and Baileyanna. On the way back to Avila Beach I stopped at Steamers for dinner and a martini. The martini did taste real good after 3 days of wine tasting.

Tuesday the 16th I headed over to Cambria. The weather was nasty. Hailed very heavy between Morro Bay and Cambria, but cleared up for a few hours of shopping. On the way back to my hotel I stopped at Sailsbury & Kelsey wineries. I was not impressed with either of them but they were close to where I was staying. In the evening went over to the "Sycamore" for happy hour. Tuesday night appetizers and wine are half price. Had a dish of clams and mussels and a side dish of scallops along with a glass of wine. For $23 and that included tax & tip it was a bargain.

Wednesday I headed over to Solvang and picked up a case of wine at Stolpman's. Visited Addamo's tasting room, stopped at an outlet center in Pismo for shopping and went to Mulligans at the golf course for a beer.

Thursday my last day I went back to Paso and revisited Rotta, a new wine store and a new fish store/restaurant/take out called 46. Also had a great hamburger at Mulligans. Got everything ready for an early departure on Friday and revisited Alapay winery in the town of Avila Beach.

Friday was bitterly cold went I left about 7:00. I stopped in Buellton for breakfast at Ellens and headed home. I needed to go to Trader Joes for a few things and i was home and in my house by 12:30. I was doing a dinner that night with friends at Doung Son and I did manage to get everything out away and cleaned up.

My overall mileage for this trip was good. I averaged 44 mpg going up and 43 mpg coming back. I tend to drive a little faster going home. Overall mileage for my 1,060 mile trip was 40 mpg. Some hybrids don't get that. So I was a happy wino in spite of the nasty weather.

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Nancy Deprez said...

Great trip - sorry the weather was cold and wet. Now look at the 85 degree weather we are suddenly getting! You never know!