Sunday, July 20, 2008

Extravaganza For The Senses

Saturday, July 19, 2008

This is about the 5th year I have attended this fundraiser event for the LA Free Clinic. It is held at the 20th Century Studios complex.

We arrived just before 6 pm so we did not have to wait too long for the gates to open. There are numerous restaurants and food vendors in attendance. I always have a tendency to overeat at these types of events and tonight was no exception. I did watch by alcohol consumption as I was the driver.

A few of the most memorable food dishes I had were the "Macadamian Shrimp" from the 20th Century Studios commissary, the beautiful raw oysters from the Palm restaurant, the gourmet wild mushroom tamale from Corn Maiden Foods, the tuna and salmon hand rolls from Hokusai and the fabulous chocolate ice cream from Dr. Bob's.

The higher end wineries were pouring their lower end wines so I did have several of the bubblies, a glass of Seghesio Zin, a glass of Loring Russell Vineyard Pinot and a glass of Domaine Alfred's "Da Red". Alize was there making concoctions. I had one not to sure what it was but is was real tasty. While I was standing in line for the hand rolls, Asahi beer had a booth right next to the hand roll booth which worked out really well. Beer and sushi.

And no these were not full glass of wine. They were pouring about 2 ounces. All the alcohol served at these functions is poured in moderation. Of course you can over consume if you drink everything available. We did see an acquaintance of ours that looked like he started early in the day and was finishing the night up with a bang. But he did have a designated driver.

So it was another fun evening of food & wine and for a good cause. Tax deductions are really nice.


sookietex said...

Hello notsoquiet, it's a pleasure to make your acquaintance, i'm sookie. i did a post about the Extravaganza For The Senses event on my blog In A Lather
Julian McMahon Co-Chair For L.A.'s Saban Free Clinic Event

How wonderful you were able to attend the event [i live in nyc]. While your primary interest is that of a wine/foodie enthusiast, mine is from the entertainment/celebrity angle. i have been in touch with the Saban Clinic for some follow-up info, but while i'm waiting to hear from them, may i please ask a favor of you. Do you happen to know how much the event raised [a ballpark sum would do fine], and were there other celebs besides Mr McMahon in attendance?

Thanks, and i enjoyed reading your musings,


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