Sunday, October 19, 2008

Oysters & Bluewater Grill

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Bluewater Grill has oyster tasting's during the season. Since they restaurant moved from South Coast Plaza to Tustin I had not been to any for awhile.

The Tustin location was only about 10 minutes further so today Remy and I decided to see what the new place was like. Its about 4 times as big as the other location and much spiffier.

They advertised 12 oyster and one glass of wine of beer for $19.95. This is a bargain. I took a bottle of 2005 Huber Chardonnay and it was excellent. When we were seated the waitress came up and put 2 wine glasses in front of each of us and asked what we wanted first. We opted for what was in her hand which was the Fetzer Sauvignon Blanc. It was pleasant enough but just a run of the mill wine. Then the rep from Firestone Walker Brewery came to the table and asked if we wanted beer. He poured us a pint of Firestone pale ale which was excellent. Then the wine rep came to the table and poured the Rodney Strong Chardonnay. Again another ran of the mill wine. Drinkable but not great. I felt the beer was the best deal. Three people serving us. So we ended up with 3 pours of wine and 2 beers along with the wine I brought. Not bad for $20.

We had a dozen Mendocino Roasted Oysters done three ways. 4 with butter, garlic and wine which paired with the wines. 4 with Tangy barbeque sauce. This went great with the pale ale. And the last 4 were Pacific Rim Style which had a Thai Curry sauce. This had a definite bite to it and also went great with the pale ale and with the Huber Chardonnay that I brought. They serve everything with hot fresh sourdough bread and I can say I was fully satisfied afterwards.


Jim U said...

Mad Mary
Thanks for the nice comments on our Oyster Night. We try to provide good value as well as high quality at these events. Our vendors are a great support and they have alot of fun talking to our guests...once again, THANK YOU !

Jim U
Founder BWG

Bob Ochsner said...


FYI, Bluewater Grill in Tustin (as well as the BWGs in Newport Beach and Redondo Beach) are offering another oyster/wine pairing event on Nov. 10-11 (both days in Redondo and Nov. 11 only in Newport and Tustin).

How about joining us? These tasting events prove more popular every month.

The events kick-off a month-long celebration at all three Bluewater Grill restaurants pairing oysters from California, Washington State, British Columbia, Nova Scotia and New York with wine varietals from California, France and New Zealand.

Bluewater Grill’s resident chefs and shellfish experts, including restaurant founder Jim “Jimmy” Ulcickas, will be available to offer insights and info on enjoying oysters (especially with wine).

For more info, click on for more info.


Bob Ochsner
Bluewater Grill